Semester at Sea :: Março 2022

I liked how we were able compare the two different aquariums. Maybe have more time and make the trip longer.

I really liked listening to the oceanographer. I love listening to Queen Ursula, and it was very interesting listening to another oceanographer speak. It was cool learning about oceanography from another person and seeing what they know. The program was a great way to learn about the ocean.

The marine biologist was a wonderful guide and it was great to hear about his work experience!

The local guide/oceanographer was exceptional. He ranks 10, not 5, for his depth of knowledge and ability to communicate it. He knew the history of nearly every fish in the oceanarium and collected and/or transported many of the of older fish. He talked about the differences between the aquarium and oceanarium, and knew both institutions intimately. Visiting the fish market and learning the local fish was also interesting and a good way to start. I can’t imagine how to improve this program, it was flawless.

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